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Articles about online privacy

Online privacy and security are some of the biggest challenges today's internet user has to face. Knowing how vulnerable you are, and how to protect yourself online is crucial.

Furthermore, personal freedoms are constantly under attack from governments and corporations. Many of these are responsible for collecting your personal data without your knowledge or consent, as well as restricting your access to resources they deem a threat.

Through this site, we aim to give you the tools and resources to stay safe online, and to enjoy the freedoms that are rightfully yours. Here are some useful articles that will help you tremendously.

How to choose a VPN in 2023

How to choose a VPN in 2023

A good VPN is a must for anyone these days, especially if you are in a place with excessive censorship or surveillance. This post explains what to look for in a VPN service.

How to read HTML source code for development and SEO

Setup Squid proxy on cloud to access blocked content

Here is how you can quickly configure a Squid proxy server on a cheap cloud instance to access blocked websites, using minimal server and Linux knowledge.

Map of the world

How to hide your country when web browsing online

Find out how to protect your privacy online, and hide your country from online services or websites. Get past censorship, and location-based restrictions.